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My MD referred me to Dr. Perrino regarding my sciatica, scoliosis, and sacroiliac pain issues that I thought was age related. Not sure what Atlas Orthogonal Cervical treatment really meant, I was naturally a bit skeptical at first. I found out the reason behind the pain as Dr. Perrino showed me x-rays of my neck, shoulder, and back misalignment and how this leads to pain. In addition to his tenacious, gentle treatment and easy exercises, I can say I am 90 plus % pain free, resuming my golf, hiking & swimming with very few side effects. Thank you Kevin and Pat for your friendly personalized patient care. I only wish I had found this care years ago. Aloha

Donna O, Kailua Kona, HI 05/18/2020

    I have had lower back pain on and off for over 20 years. I was also experiencing dizziness especially when I looked up like when changing a light bulb in the ceiling. Dr. Perrino was able to alleviate this pain as well as the other issues that I thought were part of aging. I am so grateful to have found this great chiropractic clinic.

    Lynne H., Kailua Kona, HI 05/12/2020

      I am so grateful that Dr. Kristina Roberts referred me to see Dr. Kevin Perrino when my headaches/migraines became unbearable, after my car accident in 2018. Dr. Perrino has saved me from so much pain & suffering since then. My neck is easily aggravated certain activities since then, causing severe headaches/migraines & Dr. Perrino is able to get my atlas back in alignment to get rid of them immediately. I highly recommend Dr. Perrino and love sharing my success story with everyone. Thank you for improving my quality of life.

      Mihwa T, Kailua Kona, HI 01/2020

        The best chiropractor ever. I highly recommend and cannot say enough wonderful things. The outcomes are amazing. My shoulder, neck and TMJ problems were alleviated and my quality of life has been exponentially improved. I will never be able to thank Dr. Kevin Perrino and Pat enough for their kindness and quality of work. The atlas work is safe and effective and the office environment is welcoming and calm.

        Catherine S., Kailua Kona, HI 12/2019

          I get so much relief from this method. Highly recommended.

          Barbara U., Kailua Kona, HI 12/20/2019

            I’m forever grateful for your incredible work on me last week! My neck is still holding and my spine feels much stronger. I can feel that my scoliosis is straightening more. When I had my massage done yesterday, my therapist immediately saw and felt that my back was different. She said the lower curve has moved about 30% and the muscles are much more relaxed, especially on the left side.” by Gina On Maui

            Gina W, Kihei, Maui HI 11/2019

              Found relief and making good progress with Dr. Perinno. After a year of unanswered questions to all of my symptoms everywhere else, I finally made it to his office. He is very thorough and easy to talk to, a wealth of knowledge in his field. Pat is sweet and accommodating with scheduling and corresponding. I’m very grateful that they are here to service our community. Mahalo Nui.

              Leslie R., Puna, HI 5/14/2019

                I highly recommend HANCOH! I began my journey only 5 weeks ago and the results are incredible! I feel better and I am standing straighter than I have in years! Thank you to Dr. Kevin Perrino and Pat for providing this invaluable service to our community! And thank you to my employer Kona Coast Vacations for making the wise decision to partner with this group for extended care for our Ohana of employees!

                Natalie M., Kailua Kona, HI 3/6/2019

                  I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Perrino and his office. From his evaluation to treatment, he is the best chiropractor I have been to. He is truly concerned about each of his patients and spends considerable time making an individual treatment plan.

                  Virginia S., Maui, HI 3/29/2019

                    I have been to many chiropractors & I must say this place has it all. Scientific evaluation, fantastic techniques, great bedside manner & a genuine desire to help solve issues that are ailing an individual! A big Mahalo to Dr. Kevin & his wife Pat for helping our whole family!

                    Jim. S., Kailua Kona, HI 11/15/2018

                      I began seeing Dr. Kevin in August 2018 for a hip / sciatica issue which had been slowly developing over a couple of years. He is super knowledgeable, friendly, patient oriented, and open minded – a great combination of skills and abilities. His sports medicine background helped him give me easy, quick exercises I could do to help re-train the muscle and tissue after the chiropractic adjustments. I was released from care in just early October. I was encouraged at how quickly I could heal and be released from care despite how long my condition took in developing. One other thing I really appreciated was that he would always try to move my care forward with the least amount of office visits, saving me money. At one point I thought I would need to return in a week, and he encouraged me to stretch it to two weeks between visits. Then next was a month between visits. I’ve been to other chiropractors who keep trying to encourage more and frequent visits, and Dr. Kevin is certainly not one of those. He is amazing, and I’m so grateful for him!Type your paragraph here.

                      Julia H., Kailua Kona, HI 10/18/18

                        Aloha. I am a resident of Kona. I have been plagued with cervico genic migraines for over a year. Nothing seemed to work. I have been going to Chiropractors most of my life. The standard type of twisting the neck and head manipulation. This didn’t help but I think actually made worse my newly diagnosed condition. Too many years of sticking my head out forward singing into a microphone, then walking that way for 60 years. My ND recommended Dr. Perrino at the Head and Neck Center of Hawaii located in downtown Kona. She said he has a new form of practice. Dr. Perrino and his lovely wife Pat run the business. There are so many wonderful things I want to say about the two of them. I’ll try not to write a book. First off is the incredible amount of time, detail and sincere care they took with me on my first appointment to determine where my axes was out. Spot on examination and X-ray determined exactly where the silent gentle touching machine needed to go when he did the adjustment. Laying down on my side he positioned by head and neck in a certain way then put the pointer on the machine to the exact spot at the base of my skull. All I heard was a “click” and it was done. I felt nothing. Painless. Magical. In the past with the old technique done by my previous DC’s over the years the adjustments held maybe a few days or week. Then my axes would be out again, which meant weekly trips to the Chiropractor. This new revolutionary device and technique is allowing me and my partner to hold for weeks even months depending on the person meaning less times to the Chiropractor, money saved and feeling better longer. Dr. Perrino didn’t stop there, he noticed that my migraines were also stemming from trigger points at the bottom of my skull down my shoulders. When I’d get a migraine, he found my axes was still holding and spent time doing Trigger Point Pressure at the base of my skull and shoulder points. It helped relieve the pain sometimes completely. He then determined perhaps I needed Trigger Point Injection Shots of some type. Brilliant. This not being his specialty he asked his wife to call around to other physicians to see if they did it and would give me a consult. They found an ND in town Dr. Michael Hughes who specializes in just that! Dr. Hughes indeed agreed that I needed Trigger Point Injections and gave me PRP shot, Plasma Replacement Therapy using my own bodies plasma. Well it worked! After months and months of severe agony between Dr. Perrino’s wonderful adjustments only when I need them on this incredible new gentle machine and his brilliant intuitive insight I was able to find the solutions I needed for a complex pain. I’m in heaven. I also want to tell you that Pat who handles all the administrative work goes above and beyond to work with your insurance companies to get you any reimbursements you are owed. There have been times when I’d receive a personal phone call from Pat just checking up on how I was doing. I can’t say enough about Dr. Perrino and Pat. Thank you Dr. Perrino and Pat for coming to Kona. We needed you.

                        Kim D. Kailua Kona, HI - 10/10/18

                          Kevin has helped me so much. He is super patient focused, an excellent listener, highly skilled at his work, kind, and positive. I came to him with a hip issue that had been almost debilitating for several months. Within a few sessions I was functioning almost normally and with greatly diminished discomfort. If all health care professionals had this combination of abilities and qualities the world would be a better place!

                          Julia H. Kailua Kona, HI - 8/29/2018

                            Thank you so much for the speedy healing/recovery you made possible for my body! Powerful and effective modality!

                            Dhivya H. Kailua Kona, HI - 8/18/2018

                              Suffering from a leg length discrepancy most of my life, my back would on occasion “go out”. I walked into Dr. Perrino’s office at a forty five degree angle 5 weeks ago. Had an Atlas adjustment and walked out straight! Just had a follow up today and the adjustment is still holding!! This whole body alignment thing is real. So stoked to have such a talented team on this island!!! Big mahalos Dr. Perrino & Pat.

                              Lee J. Kailua Kona, HI - 7/12/2018

                                Trying to share all of the surprising changes that I’ve experienced since seeing Dr. Perrino is almost impossible. It was a very slow recovery since a major car accident I’d had prior to seeing Dr. Perrino. The depressing realization of so many physical limitations had been creeping in as I realized my quality of life may never be the same. I was also concerned about my job and all the time that was needed to constantly take off in order to counter act the previous weeks work. My first treatment seemed mild but as the day went on I knew I needed to lay down and rest to let my body process the subtle adjustment from earlier that day. I slept the deepest I had in months. As each treatment progressed I came in with more and more good news. Different pains were disappearing and my range of motion and physical strength was returning. I was no longer in constant nagging pain, headachs were gone, I was sleeping more comfortably, and I could sustain my normal work load. I was also able to excersice again with out paying for it later. Honestly there isn’t enough good things to say about head and neck center of Hawaii. I wish I knew about them right after my accident. I’m so grateful I found them and highly recommend Dr. Perrinos gentle skill and nurturing care. His technique is very different and doesn’t wrench your neck. With the skilled calculations he assesses from his X-rays I never once felt scared I’d be injured. Go see them, it will change your life for the better!

                                Alicia M. Kailua Kona, HI - 6/1/2018

                                  Mahalo to Dr Kevin for taking excellent care of me while we were here on vacation. After flying for 15 hours, my neck and back were a painful mess. I have been a regular patient of chiropractic Care for more than 10 years. Dr. Kevin adjusted me using the Atlas Orthogonal technique which is precise and gentle, and it requires specialized training. He is an excellent chiropractor with a caring approach, his office is inviting and clean, and his wife is super nice and professional. Thank you again for your care, it allowed me to enjoy our vacation pain free

                                  Theresa P. W. Jacksonville, FL - 5/26/2018

                                    Head and Neck Center of Hawaii is absolutely amazing! Dr. Perrino helped immensely with my vertigo, through the painless chiropractic technique he uses. He and his wife, Pat, are wonderful people. Highly recommend to everyone

                                    Eva Z. Kailua Kona, HI - 3/15/2018

                                      What a blessing to have found a way to help my daughter with her scoliosis, she has found relief from pain and headaches. Her body is becoming straight and functioning as it is meant to be. We are so thankful to have found Head Neck Center of Hawaii.

                                      Nani PC. Kailua Kona, HI - 3/11/2018

                                        THANK YOU DR. KEVIN! Top notch care. I was treated for sudden unexplained neck and shoulder blade pain. What I had going on required several visits of calculated adjustments to correct. Dr. Kevin was attentive, caring, and communicative about what all, and why, he need to do to help my particular issue. So grateful the pain is gone! Thank you! Thank you! The office is clean, and staff exceptionally helpful and friendly. Highly recommend.

                                        Shannon T. Kailua Kona, HI - 2/1/2018

                                          Dr Kevin really got down to the issue of my head and neck pain. What i especially like was he explained what he found and how he was going treat the issue. very non evasive treatment. and great results. “I don’t mind paying for results.”

                                          Michael G. Kailua Kona, HI - 1/26/2018

                                            Amazing results. Not only was Dr Kevin able to resolve my back issues, my chronic foot pain resolved as well. So grateful!

                                            Jill S. California - 1/23/2018

                                              Mahalo to Dr. Kevin and Pat for a week of adjustments. Years of persistent back pain disappeared after the first treatment! I can’t thank you enough!!

                                              Scott A. Maui, HI - 12/8/2017

                                                Gentle and easy procedure that made a big difference in my life. One leg was shorter than the other, now I’m walking correctly. After the treatment my whole body felt open and renewed. I definitely recommend for full body relief of issues. Excellent work, gentle and professional. I felt immediate results. Mahalo!

                                                Michael F. Maui, HI - 12/4/2017

                                                  I am a patient of Dr Kevin Perrino’s and would like to share that as an experienced Atlas Orthogonal patient, I can honestly say that he is an incredible find. I live on Maui and fly to Big Island for my appointments with him. I do not have insurance that covers & I still fly there to Big Island for treatments. Some insurance companies will re-imburse for you, but regardless, it’s worth finding a way to make this happen. Dr Kevin has a depth of understanding of the head & neck and the intricacies of Atlas Orthogonal work that few ever achieve!! I have been a bodyworker/massage therapist for over 30+ years and bodies are my world. Lucky are those that live on Big Island & don’t have to go to another island.. But for those that are off island, it is well worth your time & money. You can go online and view Dr Kevin’s website or go to globalao.com and read what the technique involves and how it works with a variety of issues. I was a pedestrian hit by an accelerating car & I was born with double scoliosis which was seriously effected from the impact. Dr Kevin is assisting me to be able to function in every day life and allows me to work full time pain free.. Originally the traditional doctors said that i would never work again & would not be able to function properly. With Atlas Orthogonal work I can do both. My gratitude to the founder in Atlanta, GA, Dr Roy Sweat, and to Dr Kevin Perrino, Kailua-Kona, HI for assisting me to live with a quality in my life. All you have to do, is to call the office and talk with Pat. She will assist you with appointment scheduling and answer all of your questions.

                                                  Gina from Maui - 9/25/17

                                                    I have had neck issues for years, with numbness going down my arm. Dr Kevin has made my neck pain and numbness almost completely disappear. I’m so thankful to him and Pat, such amazingly nice people.

                                                    John S. Kihei, HI - 9/23/17

                                                      I was introduced to Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic in the early 1990’s. My endocrinologist, Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, referred me to Dr Roy Sweat in Atlanta Ga. I was reluctant as I didn’t understand exactly what it was or why I had to travel that far just to get adjusted.. BUT, I followed his advice and it was truly a life saver for me. In the years to follow I went to Atlanta to get my treatments from Dr Roy and then when I moved to Maui in 2004, I also flew to Petaluma California for my adjustments. This is one of those things that you just need to take the leap of faith and experience what it is. Because of my AO adjustments, I have been able to greatly reduce my neck, should, back pain, have much more energy & vitality and more range of motion in my joints. I was a pedestrian hit by an accelerating car in Jan 2009 and was told I would never work again or function properly. Atlas Orthogonal adjustments were my saving grace then & continue to be today. Since 2004 I have had to fly from Maui to the mainland to get my adjustments. I have also gone to Atlanta to the Advanced Atlas Orthogonal Seminars & addressed the group of doctors each time, begging for one of them to move to the islands. This type of Chiropractic work is the ONLY type I believe in. I have been a massage therapist for 30+ years and specialize in Myo-Neuro Fibril massage… Everything that happens in your body – everything!! is controlled by the nerves from the brain that go down the brain stem thru the spinal column, branching off the spinal column to supply nerve pathways for all functions. IF the Atlas (your first cervical C-1)or Axis (your second cervical C-2) are not in the proper alignment, your body will not function properly. AO is truly life changing. Thru the years, I have referred hundreds of my clients to AO doctors and all have had incredible results. Their testimonies are shared with others and that’s how many have discovered this much needed treatment. I had an incredible gift from Dr Roy’s office when they called to tell me that Dr Kevin Perrino had opened an office on Big Island. I was beyond thrilled. I called and talked at length with Pat, his lovely wife and office manager, and booked the earliest appointment. I flew to Big Island to get adjusted myself & to verify the quality & integrity of Dr Perrino’s work. As in all fields, not all AO’s are created equal. I have a very difficult neck to adjust & am beyond particular on who I allow to work on it. Because of Dr Roy Sweat’s recommendation I took the leap of faith. I want everyone to know that this is the REAL DEAL. I’ve never written a yelp review before, but felt that it would be a way to get the word out quickly. Please pass this information on to your friends & family. Dr Perrino, not only was able to get the adjustment in, he did therapy on my back that was incredible. I felt like I had more blood flow to my brain which has been challenged since the accident. I was able to hold my head up without effort. I didn’t realize how much I had “dealt with” until the pain was diminished. My back muscles relaxed finally & the pain subsided. It was a miracle. Now I can fly to another island, get the best AO care possible and my clients can do the same. While Dr Perrino has been a Chiropractor for many years, he has just moved his family to Big Island and set up his practice there. He has trained with the best & is continuing his education.. To me, this is the sign of dedicated Doctor. One that has mastered the techniques and still continues to study & learn.. I know many AO doctors and I can honestly say the Dr Perrino is one of a handful that I would allow to adjust me. It’s a blessing to have him in the islands. IF anyone has questions, I am willing to respond. Dr Perrino’s office has a website that explains that entire procedure and what to expect so I won’t go into those details on this posting.. Spread the word.. THERE IS AN INCREDIBLY GIFTED ATLAS ORTHOGONAL DR ON BIG ISLAND.. Mahalo for your time. I know this is a lengthily writing, but I want people to know how important this is for all of us here in the islands. If you live on Big Island, lucky you, as you are that much closer. If you live on a neighboring island, Pat will assist you in finding a great hotel close to the office and just know that it is worth the money & time to take care of your most valuable asset, your health. Many Blessings, Gina On Maui

                                                      Gina from Maui - 9/1/2017

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